Mom's Still Got It!

Mom's Still Got It!

I’ve been focusing on the silver linings through this pandemic – things like the kids being home, cooking meals, feeling like a family because we are home together, and in this together. I’m getting to mother my teenagers! Anyone else out there with teenagers? They are usually moving in a million directions, and you barely get an update as they breeze through on their way out the door.

During this time, I realize the little things we appreciate daily are really significant!
I’ve got a beautiful roof over my head, food, tv, internet, and my two children with me. What do I have to complain about? In a word, Nothing!!
I’m thankful that having my teenagers at home has resulted in a good flow with each other.

They’ve been cooking and connecting with each other and with ME! My 16-year-old son didn’t realize how well I can handle a basketball. I showed off my dribbling skills with two balls at once, and he was quite surprised. It made me feel good.
I can’t explain the depth of peace I feel when I have both of my kids at home. Just knowing they’re in such close proximity eases me. It makes me beyond happy to make them a sammy and bring it to their room. All I want to do is feed their bellies, be close to them, and love them. I want to make sure they FEEL loved.

But…here’s the thing… this lockdown is going to be over before we fucking know it and we’re going to be longing for these days again. So don’t feel bad about slowing down, not doing laundry, not eating three squares a day, and not doing a fucking thing! Embrace it all, unconditionally!

That’s it, super easy but so hard for the masses. I know I am more fortunate than most, and I won’t apologize for that, but I am also not taking it for granted! The world / our world / your world will never be the same. We have to learn how to embrace the new normal! It won’t be an easy process, but it is necessary.

I really like calling it an ‘interruption.’ That is precisely what it is – an interruption in our crazy, everyday life. I get that it’s a new normal, but isn’t every day a new normal? The biggest thing that I’ve learned and that I find myself and my daughter doing each and every day is grounding to mother earth. Putting our bare feet in the grass and loving mother earth so much more than I feel like I ever appreciated her before. She is an amazing miracle! I’ve been enjoying my daily walks even more with her because I’m not taking it for granted.

I am purposefully and willingly doing these walks with a happy singing heart. I hope after this quarantine is over, I will not take anything for granted. Period! And I hope you won’t either.

HAG Love,
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