I’m Cyndi Bailey, founder and creator of HAG Life!

I truly can’t remember when I actually came up with this acronym…I just know it has become what I call my life! 

My journey into HAGdom started not from the outside…but wanting to be healthy & happy from the inside first! I remember that turning point AND it became a starting point. I had kids later in life; I was 36 when I had my beautiful daughter, Connor, and 38 when my handsome boy, Brody, came along.

I was donating blood with both my kids in tow and started talking to someone at the recovery table. He started telling me about a product that was fruits and vegetables in a capsule form. It was as if a huge lightbulb went off for me!Total no brainer. That was 14 years ago and I have been taking it ever since. The point of that is that is where my health journey began. My journey of trying to age gracefully. Don’t get me wrong, I like to look good on the outside too, but it truly did start on the inside for me.

HAG Life is about being empowered to grab the inevitable aging process by the horns and own it with a happy heart. This is turn transfers to GRACE and being graceful.It’s ironic because my family has called me “Grace” since I was a girl. But that was mostly because I was so clumsy. I just remembered that tidbit. Clearly my memory is aging gracefully. (NOT 😉

I am beyond excited to get HAG Life out to the world! It’s become my PASSION! I know it will resonate with women of all ages! And men too. It’s about 100% embracing the inevitable process of aging with a happy heart and as much grace as we can muster!

The Law of Attraction is a real thing. You attract and receive what you THINK. So think well, think happy and embrace this life God has so graciously bestowed upon all of us.

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