It’s Good to Be a Sissy!

women aging gracefully friends group of women

To me, being a HAG means welcoming age with confidence. I am embracing my age with grace by enjoying what matters; learning, traveling, discovering. But most importantly, by appreciating friends and family. Combined, these are all the motivators in my graceful aging journey.  I have so many stories to share from my HAGLife, but I will narrow it down to one.

I was a young mother and wife with five lovely children (claimed three immediately, had two more). I also had a great group of friends, all ages, with whom we worked and socialized.

One spring, a bunch of the women decided to have ‘a break.’ There were five of us. We abandoned our families (a combined total of 23 kids), husbands and pets to go to Florida. One of us had a bit much too drink and referred to all of us as ‘Sissy.’ Pre-HAGs were born. We continued our support for each other and our families, always grasping the best we could out of life. We now have many Sissies, worldwide. All certified HAGs, leading HAGLives.