What is a HAG?

woman aging gracefully

We define a HAG as a Hottie Aging Gracefully. Still, thanks to a recent acupuncture treatment, we learned who the “original” HAG was.  She comes from a children’s storybook called Strega Nona.  Strega Nona is Italian for “Grandma Witch.” 

In this fairy tale, Strega Nona was the magic healer of the town, curing headaches, warts, and unrequited love.  And although the townspeople talked about her in whispers, they still went to see her for their ailments.

There may be areas of our lives where a magic touch is needed.  Our health, our finances, our mind, and our relationships all require attention.  We must take steps to heal our ailments and seek out the care we need.  Or maybe for you, it is something else entirely, and we hope you know you are not alone.  We are all in this aging thing together!

Strega Nona was a magic healer, and we hope that as a fellow HAG, you embrace the aging process inside and out.  Mind, body, and spirit.  From our HAG community to yours…here’s to living your best HAG Life!